Agnipath Scheme: Beginning of a new era in the Indian Army

Agnipath Scheme is a Government of India initiative adopted after careful analysis of methodology of induction, retention and release of Armed Forces personnel in various developed countries. Agnipath scheme is the beginning of a new era in Indian Armed Forces as it not only provides jobs to the youth but also provides the best Army personnel to serve the nation.

Agnipath is a Scheme in the Indian Armed Forces wherein selected candidates will be enrolled as Agniveers for 4 years period. Candidates will be enrolled under Army Act 1950 for a service duration of 4 years. Agniveers enrolled under the scheme will not be eligible for any kind of Pension or Gratuity.

75% of Agniveers will be discharged on completion of 4 years of service and rest of 25% of each specific batch of Agniveers will be enrolled in regular cadre of the Indian Army based on their performance.

With introduction of this Scheme, the enrollment of Soldiers in the regular cadre of Indian Army, except technical cadres of Medical Branch, will be available only to those personnel who have completed their engagement period as Agniveers.

It has several benefits which can not be elaborated in one line. So here are the benefits that can be Summarized as mentioned below-


1- Agniveer Payscale:

(a) 1st Year Payscale – 30000+ applicable allowances

(b) 2nd Year Payscale – 33000+ applicable allowances

(c) 3rd Year Payscale – 36500+ applicable allowances

(d) 4th Year Payscale – 40000+ applicable allowances

2- Agniveer Leave:

(a) Annual Leave- upto 30 days per year

(b) Sick Leave- based on medical advice

3- Agniveer Seva Nidhi Package:

30% of monthly income to be contributed by Agniveers and the same amount would be contributed by the Government. On exit at 4th year, the corpus of 5.02 Lakhs (Agniveer’s Contribution)+5.02 Lakhs (GOI Contribution)= 10.04 Lakhs and accrued interest will be given to the Agniveers.

Seva Nidhi Package will also be helpful to get the financial loans for self employment through a bank and to meet immediate expenses on exit.

4-Agniveer Life Insurance Cover:

Agniveer will be provided non-contributory life insurance cover of Rs 48 Lakhs for the duration of their engagement period.

5- Agniveer Skill Certificate:

This certificate will be provided at the end of engagement period, highlighting the skills acquired by the personnel during their engagement period. This certificate will be useful for getting a new Government/Private job in the field specially where Agniveer has got the training.

6- Agniveer 12th Certificate:

Agniveers who have been enrolled after qualifying class 10, a certificate for 12th(equivalent) will be given on completion of their 4 years engagement period, based on skills acquired.

7-Agniveer Disability Compensation:

(a) Compensation based on % disability laid down by medical authorities.

(b) One time ex-gratia of Rs 44/25/15 Lakhs for 100% /75% / 50% disability respectively.

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